My Exclusive Marketing Program

“My Listing Process”

1. Prepare a comparative market analysis of your property.


2. Determine the best possible list price for your property in today’s market.


3. Complete and review the Exclusive Listing Agreement with you.


4. Prepare your property for sale.  Spend as much time as needed to go over the entire property with you, both inside and out. I will make a list with you, of suggestions and recommendations about your property, so it will show at it’s very best during its time on the market.


5. Assist you in completing the Seller’s Real Property Disclosure Statement. (As required by Nevada State Law)


6. Install a “LeMond Realty“For Sale” sign on your property.


7. Create a property information sheet highlighting the key selling points of your property for prospective purchasers.


8. Complete with you a disclosure form regarding Real Estate Agency Relationships as required by Civil Code ss2373-2382.


9. Personally conduct a tour of your property after the listing period commences for all LeMond Realty agents.


10. Professionally represent your property to the Multiple Listing Service. As a result, your property will be exposed to over 3000 agents.


11. Hold an open house for cooperating brokers by inviting them to visit the property after the listing period commences. I will be on hand to distribute information sheets regarding the property and answer any questions. (Once the program is available again through the board).

12. With your permission, mail out information to the property owners in the immediate neighborhood telling them that your property is “For Sale”. They often know friends or relatives who have expressed a desire to live in the area.


13. Motivate agents to show and sell your property through my many personal contacts. I have established and am constantly working to maintain a high rapport with the working agents in the area.


14. Our company maintains one of the most extensive advertising programs in the area. Your property will be placed in the local publications on a regular basis.


15. Expose your home to the millions of prospective buyers through the Internet services available.


16. Create and produce informational flyers about your property.


17. Hold open houses either on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, on a mutually agreed upon time and date.

“My Communications with You”

18. I give you my personal commitment to keep in touch on a weekly basis, and keep you informed with any changes to the real estate market that may affect you.


19. I will keep you informed regarding the marketing being done on your property.


20. I will report back to you feedback from agents who show your property, as well as the comments from their buyers.

“Your Sale”

21. Be present for all offers on your home.


22. Discuss each item on the contract with you so you fully understand what the buyers are offering.  Discuss the pros and cons of the offer(s) and the possible effect regarding your decisions.


23. Qualify all purchasers to the best of my ability.


24. Assist, if necessary, the purchaser in finding the best financing available.


25. Prepare Estimated Sellers Net Proceeds Form.


26. I will give to you all the pertinent facts available to me so you will be able to make the right decision. The final decision to accept, reject or counter the offer(s) will rest with you.


27. Constantly keep you informed as the progress of your escrow, from the time of signing, until the close.


28. Work diligently to handle any situation that may arise with the escrow agents, appraisers, underwriters, inspectors, purchasers and other agents involved during the escrow period.

This Marketing Program is My Commitment to You!

I pledge to work hard to represent you in the prompt sale of your property, at the best possible price, so you will have the confidence in me to let me represent you in all your real estate needs and refer my services to others that respect and admire you. Only when you have received the proceeds from the sale of your home do I receive payment for my services.


I look forward to being of service to you.


Lisa Taitel